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Thursday, June 20, 2013

project 1

So, painting a piece of furniture is not such a quick and easy task.  I thought I could knock it out in an hour, two tops, but I guess Robert Burns, Lennie, George, and Steinbeck knew what they were talking about (best laid plans...).  I first sanded to rough up the glossy surface of the dresser, then smoothed it out with another sanding using an ultra fine sandpaper.  Who knew that at 61, one has no arm strength and would need to take a break for two hours before starting the next step!  (I think I know what my next project should be:  a visit with a physical trainer.)

The painting stage was again a surprise.  I bought paint that had a built in primer in hopes of having to paint only one coat. took three coats of paint to get the wood covered adequately.  After using a brush with the first coat, I decided I would use a small sponge roller (another HGTV trick I saw on one of the design shows) for the final two coats in order to have a smooth, unstreaked surface.  That actually was a successful move.

I do love the new look of the dresser.  I'm thinking of adding a little bling to the first drawer and purchasing either clear glass or milk glass knobs as drawer pulls.  That would necessitate a mini-lesson on the use of power tools. I'd ask my husband for a lesson, however, he wasn't too pleased about the painting to begin with; he doesn't like change.  That is one thing I will be embracing during retirement...Change.  After doing basically the same job for 39 years, I am ready to try lots of new things.  I don't need to make major changes right away, like moving or divorce or changing religions (just kidding), but trying small things like learning to use a power drill.  Could be fun.

So below are before and after photos of the dresser of project #1.  Lighting in my hallway is very bad so the pictures do not do the piece justice.  I decided to display a few milk glass pieces on top, including a milk glass lamp.  Since the dresser houses extra linens, some of which are vintage linens (one of the things I like to collect), I also used two crocheted doilies I got as a wedding shower gift, made by Bob's grandmother to protect the surface of the dresser.  The wall above the dresser has some family photos, so for my real next project I am going to create a family tree with unifying frames.  Keep you posted on this one.


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