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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yoga Yuks

I have been officially retired now for five days (if you count the weekend).  Being a school teacher, it just feels like the start of any other summer break.  I still have that same sense of urgency to get everything done right away, before I go back to work.  But, there will be no back to work for me in September.  I guess I really won't know how it feels to be retired until September rolls around.  Meanwhile, I am trying to establish a routine for my new life:

I get up early, as if I were going to work still.  I don't want to waste the best part of the day - morning.  I love mornings.  So, I start slowly, having coffee with my husband, checking emails on the three separate accounts I have ( more on this technology craziness later), and spend some time reading a book or magazine.

Then, it's on to exercise.  I start off with a yoga CD.  Now, you must know, I am so out of shape that I struggle to lift my head off the pillow ( only slight exaggeration :) ).  I have made physical conditioning one of my major retirement goals.  Since I am arthritic I decided yoga would be good to help with my flexibility.  Now don't laugh, but I got this CD called Yoga for the Rest of Us with Peggy Cappy and the participants on the CD are all in their 70's and 80's!  I figured if these old gals can do yoga so could I.  What a blow to my self esteem to realize these septa and octogenarians were better able to do the moves than I was.  So pathetic!  Most of the warm up stretches are done in a chair for God's sake.  I managed the warm ups OK, but when we got to the standing poses...Holy Cow...I have no balance!!!! When did that happen? It's funny how age creeps up on you, and you find yourself doing some of the things you laughed at your mother for doing.  EEE GADDS!!!!  This is day three of my yoga adventure, and I must admit I am getting better at the Mountain pose ( for all of you non yoga people that means I can stand on my two feet)  great accomplishment.  But, at least I don't sway like a tree in a tropical storm like I did on day 1.  I still need the chair for balance on the tree and warrior poses, but I'm hoping with practice I will be able to do them without assistance.  I didn't even try the sun salutation exercises...didn't want to be totally discouraged.

So, after yoga, I head upstairs to the treadmill and walk.  Again, I am starting slowly, only a 1/2 a mile at a time.  My goal is to increase the distance each week until I can do 3 miles in 45 minutes. Right now it takes 15 minutes to do half of a mile.  This could take a while!

Once I've finished exercise, time to shower and dress for the day and on to whatever projects await me.  So much to do in the house and outside, that should keep me busy for years.  Also trying to fit in some tutoring here and there. 

I like this schedule so far.  I'll keep you posted,

- Karen