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Friday, July 10, 2015

Doot, Doot, Doot Lookin' Out My Back Door (with apologies to CCR)

I LOOOOOOOVE July!  Every morning as I sip my coffee at the little round table in my sunroom, and my husband feeds me tidbits from the morning newspaper, I get to gaze out my back door to the scene above. Lush green bushes and grasses, bursting buds of flowers, and flittering bees, birds and butterflies entertain me and fill me with a peaceful joy.  I can even hear the gentle babble of the fountain as it is the closest thing to our open door.  

The bricked patio is indeed in need of an overhaul.  We have been wanting to fix it up for the past few years, but the economy and my daughter's wedding have put that on hold for at least another year.  And yet, as I scan the scene this morning, there is something sweet about the weathered, moss-covered bricks.  They've held up for nearly 35 years.  The richness of their colors is not to be scoffed at; I hate to think of the sterile Belgian blocks that might replace them (my husband's preference).  The bricks allow me to imagine a colonial cobbled street in my own backyard.

 The rains that plagued the spring have continued into the summer and have created a growth spurt in all the vegetation.  Check out some of the beauties that are thriving in my yard.

Morning Glories starting to bloom!

Day Lilies and Black-eyed Susans...

Faded Queen Anne's Lace makes way for Suzie!

One of my favorites in the garden is the bee balm.  It flowers early July and lasts the rest of the summer.  It's full and thick with flowers and the best thing is that it attracts so many flying critters! Bees, insects, butterflies and HUMMINGBIRDS!!! Wish I was a better photographer so I could capture some of the visitors to the bee balm.

Another hummingbird attraction is the trumpet vine that grows up the side and over the roof of our shed.  Its bright orange blossoms are like flashing neon signs to the fast little birds that drink their nectar.  Also the thicket created by the plentiful vines provides shelter for every type of bird imaginable. It's like an airport some days, watching flights take off and land.  You may notice the color scheme of my shed.  I painted the shutters, window and fencing to match the colors of the trumpet vine and a purple sage bush (not blooming yet) that stand guard at the corner of the shed. (apologies for the cloudy picture; I've not mastered lighting yet).

So, that's what I see out my back about you? What do your scenes look like?