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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Quack Me Up!

Today I spent a few hours soaking up the last gorgeous days of summer by strolling along the footpath along the Delaware River in Frenchtown, NJ.  It was a glorious morning with fewer people (kids are back in school!!!) and quieter surroundings.  I breathed in deeply the fresh warm air and thought how lucky I was to be able to spend free relaxing moments like this.

On my way to Frenchtown, I had passed a local business that sells seasonal plants and produce and thought I would stop by on my way back home and pick up some mums, as I had noticed  they were advertising a fall plant sale.

So, on my way home, I pulled in the driveway and started to peruse the many varieties of flowers.  The garden's owner is a lovely Korean-American lady.  She greeted me with a welcoming smile, we chatted briefly, and then she helped me put the chosen mums in my car.  As I was paying the bill, out waddles the most adorable group of black ducklings. I was speechless for a few moments as I took in the scene.

The cute little fuzzies had followed their owner out from the office onto the driveway as she brought me my change from my purchase.  I couldn't prevent my laughter. They followed her just like toddlers follow their mommy.

The owner told me they were Cayuga ducklings, and they were her pets! She had been keeping them in a pen in her house, but they had been making such a mess, she had decided to bring them to work with her today.  She is trying to socialize them so they will be pleasant around people. These four little lovelies are brothers and sisters each born a day apart from each other. The smallest one's name is "Baby". She's the one in the front of the pack here in the above picture.

The duckies' "Mommy" told me their father's name is Winston and that he has a beautiful green sheen to his feathers. Didn't get a look at him, but he probably looks something like this:
Image result for cayuga duck
What a fun way to end a perfect waning summer morning.  Have you encountered any fun surprises lately?