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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Everything is "Rosie"

Good Morning Dear Readers,

I've been traveling the past few days, and that is why I have not posted for awhile. My adorable great-niece graduated from high school, and I just had to attend the festivities.  She lives in Erie, PA, so Bob and I were off and traveling again. No bikes this time, Erie is about a seven hour ride without any stops or road construction.  So, I had plenty of time to read.

I just had to share and recommend the book I had taken along for the ride. What a delight...The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.

What a hoot!  This book had me laughing out loud and reading passages to Bob as he tried to concentrate on navigating past the giant 18-wheelers that tend to populate and bully the lanes on Route 80 (the most direct way to traverse the entire state of PA).  But, I just couldn't keep quiet...the story, and mostly the main character, were just so outrageous and quirky.

The main character is Don, a professor of genetics in a university in Melbourne, Australia, who just so happens to be "on the spectrum".  Don suffers from Aspergers and thus is dramatically lacking in social skills, this provides a deep well for humor. To add a complication, Don is on a quest to find a wife.  He calls this The Wife Project and goes about finding the perfect mate via a very straightforward questionnaire that will narrow his search to only "acceptable" candidates. Enter Rosie, who Don thinks has contacted him as part of The Wife Project.  He determines she has failed the questionnaire and plans to discontinue contact with her, only she has a project of her own that intrigues the geneticist in him...she is searching for her real father.  Hence, The Father Project begins...

The story has everything to delight a reader:  endearing characters, plot twists, mystery, suspense, HUMOR, and a touching romance. I can't wait for the movie to come out...the book just screams "make me a movie"!  I want to see Don in action on the big screen.  Don has a lot to teach all of us; just read The Rosie Project. You will know what I mean.

So, my 14 hours in the car on route 80 was a delight.  Thank you Don and Rosie!