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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Love on the Trail

Hmm...I bet I got you interested with that title.  You just never know what you might stumble upon as you're out on the tow path biking on a beautiful fall day. That's what Bob and I discovered as we took to the Delaware biking trails again. This time we biked from Stockton to Lambertville.  We were amazed how much the leaves and trees had progressed with their fall transformation in just a few days.  Take a quick peek at some of the sights we saw...and be on the lookout for the sweet signs of love at the end of the post!

We missed this small cairn on our way to Lambertville, but on our return trip, Bob's eagle eyes ( police training I guess) spotted this lovely tribute.  It was less than two feet high but had a huge impact on the imagination.

The flat rock on left says, "I love you" and is dated August.  The flat rock on the right says, "Love was born here" and dated July 31, 2015.  It also looks like a pine tree was planted to adorn the sight.  It unfortunately appears dead, but perhaps it will bloom again in the spring and withstand the drought of this past season.  Just as I hope this young (or even better, old) love memorialized here will continue to thrive.  What could be better than young love?!

Well... on second thought...enduring love is just as wonderful, I must say.  Here's to my enduring love, who always knows how to make me happy.