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Friday, October 30, 2015

October Roundup (part 2)

The other day as I was getting a coffee at a local shop ( housed in a former pottery foundry...such charm) I passed a structure on my way into the shop that looked like an ornate mailbox. I didn't stop to inspect because I needed my caffeine, but on my way out I stopped to get a closer look at it.  It turned out this "mailbox" was a library! Maybe you have seen them or heard of them, they are apparently popping up all over the country. They are called Little Free Libraries and can be built by anyone, even you!

This particular Little Free Library was dedicated to the memory of a local farmer, Les Hoffman.  The tribute on the side of the library structure was sweet and touching.  What a wonderful way to honor a friend.

The Little Free Library is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote literacy and the love of reading.  That Simple! But any one can build a library.  Some people even put them on their own property for their neighbors to use.  For more details on how to build one or where the nearest Free Little Library is to you, visit  this site.

So, these free mini libraries are another source for your reading adventures. I picked up The Wonder Spot my Melissa Bank and left a Nicholas Sparks book in its place.

I chose The Wonder Spot because I had really enjoyed The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing that Bank's wrote a few years ago.  I was a bit disappointed in The Wonder Spot.  It lacked the charm of The Girls Guide.  The novel was actually 8 separate vignettes in the life of Sophie Applebaum as she matures from an awkward twelve-year old to an adult who at 49 is still trying to discover who she really is. I must admit, Sophie is very likable, but a bit frustrating in her slow pace to self-discovery.  Sophie's father, the judge, on the other hand, was a totally cool and noble character.  His character alone is worth the read. The reader gets attached to Sophie, too, but you just want to shake her sometimes for her choices!

I realize I am running out of October for sharing my October reads...YIKES! I'll post this quickly and finish up October Roundup  Part 3, before you can say Trick or Treat.

Have you seen any Little Free Libraries near you?  Would you like to build one?